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Default Nonus anniversarius

Nonus anniversarius

The Legion is nine years old today. Happy anniversary Legion!

The Legion was founded by Great Britain, January 31 2006. Originally, the alliance was named FCS Foreign Legion, as it originated from the expeditionary force, The Foreign Legion, of The Federal Commonwealth Society in NationStates.

I'd like to share with you this historic quote from Great Britain, January 31 2007 (

It is now January the 31st GMT time, a time that is more or less one year after the Legion was born in Cyber Nations. Legion looks rosey now, but back a year a lot of things could have played out differently, Initially when i had found this game, thanks to a link in Valiturus signature on the Nasicournia forum, i was torn on whether to join as a founding member of a then debated ADN Alliance from Nationstates (which we now know and love as ODN), after much deliberation i decided to create my own alliance.

And so, it came to pass that the second Nationstates cross over arrived at the door of CN, we didn't make the waves that NPO did, even though we become the fourth strongest alliance after the first day, behind GATO, NPO and NAAC.

For the first few days or so, we went by the name 'FCS Foreign Legion', this was due to the fact that a majority of our first members hailed from FCSTO regions in Nationstates, those recruits and members from the CPFC BBS, formed our membership foundation.

After a few days, our name changed to The Legion in February, to help promote ourselves to more nations, this worked and recruitment picked up steadily, enabling us to attract such esteemed and well known players in our first full month, such as SocCarolina, Lord Swampy, Master Revan and North Prussia, those greats are still among us as Legionnaires today!

Fast forward to today and it is time to celebrate our first year birthday!

*Great Britain cracks open the champagne
Since this is posted in the public forums, I'd also like to introduce you to the new Legion consulate (government):



Minister of Foreign Affairs

tom the pit leader
Minister of Internal Affairs

Minister of Economics

Minister of Defense

Inspector General - non-government ex officio

Ave Legio!

*CodFCS cracks open... totem's vodka!

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