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Default Re: wiki leaks founder has been detained enough?

Well wiki leaks, and his detainment as you put it, are not tied to one another directly. While there are certainly rumors of sealed indictments for Assange and what not, his current position is due to allegations of sexual assault and rape in Sweden.

In November of 2010 Sweden requested his extradition in connection to the sexual assault and rape. Assange surrendered to UK police in December and then was released on bail. He then went to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for asylum and has been there since. Sweden has dropped their investigation for sex assault and rape, there is still an active arrest warrant for failure to surrender for jumping on his bail.

Something to note is that he was not seeking asylum after leaking lots of documents, he sought asylum after the sex assault allegations. I have no idea if the sex assault allegation is true or not, but hiding out and avoiding due process and justice is not acceptable.

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