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Default Pax Legio - Blanket Non Aggression Pact

The Pax Legio
A Declaration of the Principles of Non-Aggression

As an alliance of nations joined together for defense and prosperity, the Legion declares the following basic principles to which it will hold true.

First Principle
The Legion recognizes the basic right of all alliances and independent nations to exist as sovereign entities and accordingly respects this right. In return, the Legion asserts that its own sovereignty shall not be compromised in any manner.

Second Principle
As a defensive alliance, the Legion shall not engage in aggressive, unprovoked military action against another alliance or its members. Member nations found to be engaged in unauthorized military action shall be ordered to stand down immediately and offer peace and reparations to their opponents. Failure to comply with these orders will lead to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, forfeiture of Legion protection for the duration of that conflict and possible expulsion.

Third Principle
Legion nations may use nuclear weapons as a first strike resort only when approved by Commodore of Defense or Government.

Fourth Principle
In the event that a single nation initiates aggression against the Legion, the attacker will be given notice to offer peace and reparations. If the nation in question is a member of another alliance, this notice will be given to said alliance as well. Should the attacker refuse or ignore this demand, they may be attacked at will by Legion member nations, unless otherwise instructed by the Legion Admiralty.

Fifth Principle
Military action or other measures may be taken in defense of the Legion, its member nations, or its allies in honoring Mutual Defense Pacts or other treaties; this will be done in retaliation for clear and undeniable espionage or attempted espionage against itself, or in response to a clear threat from any alliance leadership or unaligned nation.

Sixth Principle
The Legion shall neither engage in espionage against another alliance nor endorse any attempt by any of her member nations to gain access to secure information. Any violator of this principle shall be expelled from the Legion immediately. Any information that is made known to the Legion regarding such unauthorized activities will be reported to the alliances involved.

The Legion and its member nations swear to uphold the principles outlined in this document. In return, we request that all nations and alliances respect this statement regardless of whether or not they themselves hold to these principles. May all who read this document know that the Legion desires peace not only for itself but for all nations and alliances.

Reformentia, Prime Minister
Sinatra, Deputy Prime Minister
Thom Solo, Foreign Minister
Mr.AdmiralX, Minister of Defense
Realm, Home Minister

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  The Legion > Ministry of Foreign Affairs > Hall of Treaties > Historical Treaties (Inactive)

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