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Default The Last Republic Protectorate Treaty - The Ferrum Act



A Treaty of Protection Between The Legion and The Last Republic

The Legion and The Last Republic, upon signing this treaty, hereby agree to adhere to the terms put forth within.

Article I - Conduct:
Members of both The Legion and The Last Republic shall show each other mutual respect and courtesy at all times.

Article II - Non-Aggression:
Neither The Legion, nor The Last Republic shall engage in acts of war or espionage against the other.

Article III - Protection:
The Legion agrees to protect The Last Republic from rogues or unprovoked wars of aggression. The Legion also agrees to act as mediator for any conflicts between The Last Republic and outside forces. The Last Republic is not obligated to assist The Legion in military engagements.

Article IV - Tech Raiding:

The Legion and The Last Republic recognize that any war arising due to tech raiding on the part of The Last Republic shall be considered a provoked act of aggression and nullify Article III. The Last Republic agrees to abstain from tech raiding within the Purple Sphere.

Article V - Assistance:
The Legion shall assist The Last Republic in building a strong economy and a stable alliance through reasonable means.

Article VI - Intelligence:

Should either The Legion or The Last Republic receive information that indicates a threat to the security of one another, that information shall be communicated through private channels within 24 hours.

Article VII - Treaty Notifications:
The Last Republic agrees to inform The Legion of all treaties PIAT-level and above and take the advice given by The Legion under due consideration before making a final decision.

Article VIII - Cancellation:

This treaty may be canceled at the discretion of The Legion or The Last Republic. The canceling party shall be required to give the other alliance 48 hours prior notice. If The Last Republic commits a grave violation of the spirit of this treaty The Legion reserves the right to cancel the protectorate immediately.

Signed for The Legion:

/s/ Watcher, Imperator
/s/ totem, Proconsul
/s/ Zyvexal, Minister of Foreign Affairs
/s/ Jooshbox234, Minister of Economics
/s/ Feibelman, Minister of Defense
/s/ the god of lightning, Minister of Internal Affairs

Signed for The Last Republic:
General of the Republican Guard
~Jharius II
Consul of Economics
Consul of Internal Affairs
~Mr Havok
Consul of Foreign Affairs
~sojourner of Logos
Alderman of The Last Republic
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  The Legion > Ministry of Foreign Affairs > Hall of Treaties > Historical Treaties (Inactive)

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